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Tuning & Repair
Tuning to standard A440, includes minor repairs
Recommended 1-2 times a year

Regulation & Voicing (Concert Prepping)
Restoring touch and tone to factory specification as felts and other components wear out over time. 
Recommended once every 5 years

Climate System Installation
Maintain a constant humidity level year round, significantly improves the longevity of the instrument as well as the tuning. We firmly believe this to be a must have in our Alaska climate

Moving, Crating, Transcontinental Shipping
We are specialized in piano moving by technique, carefully planning out the safest way to handle a piano to eliminate risk factors, our movers are experts and have been trained by piano technicians. We also assist customers ship pianos to or from Alaska via Air Freight, fastest and safest way to transport a piano for long distances

Piano Storing (Climate Controlled)
Our storage is the only fully climate controlled storage solution: temperature and humidity. Other storage facilities that claim "climate controlled" do not have a humidity controlled environment and are NOT ideal for acoustic musical instruments


Hammer Replacement
Piano hammers make up the majority of tonal color and production, the sound between low and high quality hammers are enormously different. We replace them with the same hammers that are put on the best pianos in the world. 

"The worst piano in the world with top tier hammers will sound better than the best piano in the world with low quality hammers"

As bass strings loose its clarity overtime due to wear on the copper wounding, replacing them will revive the tonal production of the bass section. Treble strings don't require replacement unless they are damaged or have rust development.

Headphone Jack Hybrid System Install
This installation allows player to fully mute the piano while hearing it out of a pair of headphones. Popular option for quiet practicing

QRS Self-Play Entertainment Center Install
Fully controlled through mobile/tablet devices. The piano plays itself  while having orchestral/singers playing from installed speakers. Popular option to entertain guests, parties, and concert venues. Also able to record and play back, popular with visiting guest.

Touch-Weight Customization & Redesign 
If you find your piano feeling too heavy, too light, or "just not quite right", we are capable of completely redesigning the weight distribution and balance in the piano action, customizing with precision to the players preference. 

We are the only business in Alaska that have the skillset, knowledge and capability to perform a full restoration. This includes but not limited to, new soundboard, bridges, pinblock, strings, refinish, action rebuild. You will receive a top tier piano for a fraction of the cost of a new one. 

Common pianos to rebuild
Steinway & Sons
Mason & Hamlin


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