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A Benefit Program for the Anchorage School District Fine Arts and Music Department

What is Noteworthy?

Noteworthy is a benefit progran offered exclusively by Alaska Piano Services Inc.  With tightening budgets APS wants to assist teachers and students in continuing to have quality music within the school setting.   This includes covering the much needed tuning and maintenance of the pianos they currently have.  With Noteworthy, when any individual has their piano tuned by APS a $25.00 credit will be applied to the school of choice in their name, when your school earns 6 credits they will receive a free piano tuning. Credits can also be applied towards other piano services and maintenance needs.  

Have a piano??     Want to participate??

1. Request a piano tuning for your personal piano with Alaska Piano Services Inc. by filling out the E-Voucher below or by calling 907-929-7900. Please designate the school of your choice to receive the credit.

2. Someone from our office will contact you back to schedule the appointment. 

3. Upon payment for services a $25 credit will be applied to the school of your choice. Your voucher will list you as the contributor. 

Don't have a piano but still want to participate?? 

1. Tell your friends, neighbors, churches or other clubs about Noteworthy. 

2. Anyone can purchase a gift credit or certificate in the amount of $25, $50, or $150.00 to apply to any school participating in Noteworthy. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Schools Currently Enrolled 

Don't see your school? Ask your music department to enroll in Noteworthy!! 

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