Pre-owned Pianos

1996 Yamaha MX100 Disklavier 
This is a player piano. The Disklavier system has been recently serviced and  is in excellent condition
1998 Boston GP 178 
This piano is in beautiful condition. It has been well maintained and has a climate system. The GP 178 is a 5'10" grand piano and this brand and model do exceptionally well in Alaska's climate and conditions. It is one of our top selling pianos and this one in particular is priced to sell. 
Steinway L
This piano is in excellent condition and its tone and overall sound are beautiful. For the duration of its ownership it has hardly been played
Steinway O
This piano is an older Model O with a completely rebuilt action. The touch and tone are very nice and it has been maintained well
1977 Astin Weight 
This piano was made in America and though it is not a common name brand of a piano, they are well made instruments. The piano has had its original owner since purchase and has been tuned and cared for. It has a climate system and is in excellent condition

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