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Designed in house, we are proud to announce the development of Alaska Piano Services' very own piano brand!

Our pianos are designed to have the touch and tone of high-end pianos, sold at a factory price, eliminating the massive upcharge of dealerships, guaranteed to be the most affordable pianos in the market!

Why Create Our Own?

We have the pleasure to service and play on some of the finest pianos in the state, these pianos are so refined in their touch and tone that it draws you in a way that's difficult to explain. We realized that most piano players will never have such experience due to the unrealistic price tag of these pianos. Therefore, our goal is to create a similar experience at a price that even general consumers can afford.

Key Features

Weickert Hammers - Rebirth of the Original NY Steinway Tone

Weickert felt was used exclusively on hammers produced for high quality pianos in the late 1800 until WWII. The largest US customer of Weickert felt hammers (pre-WWII) was New York Steinway. The formula of weickert felt was lost after WWII, and was only reintroduced in 1991 as an anonymous tests with Hamburg Steinway. Their head voicer Mr. Goedecke wrote that this felt reminded him of the old "Weickert" felt.In the modern piano market, Weickert hammers can only be found on some of the best pianos in the world (Hamburg Steinway, Fazioli, Ravenscroft). We at Alaska Piano Services want to introduce this legendary felt through our line of grand pianos, giving you a tonal color that you didn't know was possible.

Touch Design

As the largest piano servicing business in Alaska, we have seen many pianos throughout the years. Majority of these pianos, due to the limitations of factory production line, or lack of good designs, are not optimized for advanced pianists. They are often too heavy or too slow, becoming an obstacle to learn and master advanced playing techniques.
Being equipped with the advanced skillset and knowledge of re-designing piano actions, we are creating our own set of action design that rivals some of the best pianos in the market.