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Based in Anchorage

Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, Matsu Valley, Kenai Peninsula, Juneau, Kodiak, Cordova, Ketchikan, Sitka, Valdez

Financing Options Available for restorations and sales


Steinway Concert School of New York
RennerUSA Academy

Certified PianoDisc & QRS Player Installers
Certified Steinway Spirio Technicians
Certified DamppChaser Service and Installation
Piano Technicians Guild
Stanwood Precision Touchdesign


David Chiu 

 David Chiu : Alaska Piano Services New Technician

A classically trained pianist, David was first introduced to piano tuning and technology at the age of 16. Fascinated by the depth of this field, he began pursuing piano technology through a series of intensive educational and training opportunities while still continuing his music degree as a piano major. Upon completing his Bachelors and Masters degree in music at the University of Alaska Anchorage, his reputation allowed him to soon become a full time piano technician.

David's training background includes studies at the Steinway & Sons Technical Academy in NY, the world-renowned Renner Academy, and the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. David has also attended National Conventions by the Piano Technician’s Guild, participated in Piano Technicians Master Classes with world-class technicians, and completed Grand Action Regulation training from the Piano Technicians Guild. Additionally, David studied the Stanwood Precision Touchdesign system, one of the most advanced action design systems available to piano technicians. He has also been an instructor at the Anchorage Keyboard Teacher Association Conferences. He is passionate about what he does and loves to bring out the most of every piano he services.

Stephen Cinti

As the child and student of a classically trained pianist, Stephen’s study of the instrument began before he could walk. His passion for music overwhelmed all other interests when he purchased his first guitar at age 13. His musical pursuits led him to study guitar performance at Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, California and then move to Austin, Texas (the live musical capital of the world) to make a go at being a professional musician. Between gigging and working a day job, Stephen discovered piano technology and found another path to pursue his passion for music.

He trained as an apprentice and passed his tuning exam by ear with the Piano Technician’s Guild (PTG) becoming a Registered Piano Technician (RPT). Since 2013, he successfully ran his own piano technology business in Austin, where he was one of the main technicians for the Austin Steinway dealer and performed their concert and showroom prep and warranty work. He also served as the President of his local chapter of the PTG. He trained in regulation, voicing, and player system installation and maintenance at Steinway in New York, PianoDisc in Sacramento, and multiple PTG conventions.


Along with music, his other big dream was always to come to Alaska, and so he decided to close his business in Austin and join David in growing Alaska Piano Services in 2021. He brings experience and expertise in tuning, restoration, piano refinishing, concert prep, player systems from all manufacturers, and warranty repair. He is ecstatic to have the opportunity to marry his passion for his musical career with living in his dream location!

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